Multi-Purpose Furniture for Tiny Homes

Multi-Purpose Furniture for Tiny Homes

Whether you have a tiny home as a holiday destination, rented accommodation or an extra dwelling for extended family, finding the right furniture to keep minimal space versatile and functional can be a challenge.

The Tiny Home Lifestyle

If you are living in a tiny home, multi-purpose furniture can be an excellent solution to help you make the most of your limited space. Multi-purpose furniture is designed to serve more than one function, such as cabinet that converts into a dining table or a coffee table that can also be used as a desk.

Skovby has a fabulous selection of multi-purpose furniture that are ideal for the Tiny Home lifestyle, including:

  • #101 Dining Table – a cabinet that extends out to a half size or full size table, setting up to 6 people.
  • #243 Round Coffee Table – a small battery-powered switch under the table top will adjust the height from 50cm to 70cm.
  • #104 Multipurpose Table – a study desk or side table that extends out to a full dining table for 4-6 people.
  • #135 Serving Trolley – includes a wine rack, small tray and a chopping board with hidden wheels for easy maneuvering.


Multi-Purpose Perfection

Aside from its hidden surprises, there are many other reasons to love multi-purpose furniture, including:

  • Saves Space: Instead of having separate pieces of furniture for each function, you can have one piece that can serve multiple purposes. This can help you maximize your living space and make your tiny home feel more comfortable.
  • Enhances Functionality: Multi-purpose furniture can also enhance the functionality of your tiny home, freeing up floor space and creating more room for other activities.
  • Increases Flexibility: You can use one piece of furniture for multiple functions which can be easily adapted to different situations and activities.
  • Saves Money: Since you only need to buy one piece of furniture instead of several, you can save money on both the initial purchase and the maintenance and upkeep of your furniture. Like the coffee table that doubles as a dining table, or the cabinet that doubles as a table.

Overall, multi-purpose furniture can be an excellent solution for anyone living in a tiny home who wants to maximize their living space, increase the functionality of their living space, and save money.

Ordering Your Skovby Furniture

We only keep a limited range of Skovby furniture in store as each piece is lovely handcrafted to order. Therefore, if you do want one of the items we’ve mentioned here, we will need to order this in for you either as part of our next shipment from Denmark or as a special delivery.

We will provide you will a full quote and options at the time of ordering plus expected delivery leadtimes.

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