Outdoor Living Area Styling Tips

Outdoor Living Area Styling Tips

Most people think of home styling and decorating with their indoor spaces in mind. Here in NZ, we are all about the outdoor living area, maximising the indoor/outdoor floor and, these days, the full outdoor kitchen is the new piece de resistance! So we thought we’d share some tips for making your outdoor living area as stylish and comfortable as your indoor rooms.


Start with a Statement

What is that one piece of outdoor furniture (or an accessory) that will be the real feature or talking piece in your outdoor living space? This needs to be your starting point as everything then supports, highlights or integrates with this feature item. Some ideas from our range to get you started:

EYELET Tray Table CLICK Rocking Chair Leaf Table

Don’t be afraid to go with a quirky fun piece that pops! Or a particularly stylish piece that brings a high-end feel to the space.


Bring The Indoors Out

Consider extending those indoor rooms, where you spend the most time, to create an outdoor room. Do you love to entertain? Create an outdoor living room, dining room, outdoor kitchen, workspace, etc.

Do this by utilizing decorating items you typically enjoy inside your house, like roller blinds, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, etc. Pretty much anything you would buy for the inside of your house has an outdoor version.

Rug It Up

If you have more than one zone in your outdoor living space, add an area rug to help define the spaces further. It’s also nice just to have something soft underfoot, and adds a cosy feel to your outdoor lounge or dining space.

Greenery For All Seasons

The trick here is to ensure your outdoor living space looks great year-round. Pot a variety of annuals, perennials, and evergreens to ensure your space is attractive in any season.

Bring On the Bling

Add a few pots (alongside the practical solutions) that bring colour, texture, or little bling to the outdoor space. If the material isn’t meant for extreme weather, you can bring them indoors during the winter season.

Ambient With Lighting

Most people don’t think of lighting as decor, but the truth is lighting can create a certain ambiance in a space. So indoors or out, don’t forget to add some lighting to work by, and some lighting for charm! Solar fairy lights are always a great option. You can now also get rechargeable outdoor lamps that recharge with a USB cable.
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