CLICK Lamellas Change Up Your Colour

CLICK Lamellas Change Up Your Colour

One of the special features of our CLICK chairs are the lamella (slats) which literally ‘click’ into place making these very easy to replace if needed.

While we like to remind people that these UV protected lamellas are incredibly strong, flexible and durable, but if your new puppy decides to have a chew on them, all you need to do is jump on our website, order the replacement lamellas you need, remove the chewed-on lamellas and click the replacement ones into place.

Another great aside to this functionality is that you can also change up the colours of your CLICK chairs to suit your décor or style. You can either request this when you order your CLICK chairs or you can change the colours at a later date.

From swapping out just a couple of lamellas to add a stripe of colour to changing out multiple lamellas or the full set to come up with a new style of your own! The options are not just limited to the 13 standard colour choices available in the range, you can customize your colours to make something truly unique.

Our lamellas are also suitable to the harsh NZ summer sun as the composite is mixed with a UV additive during the extrusion process to offer UV protection that is beyond just the surface.

Take a look at some of the interesting colour combinations our DF customers have created for themselves…

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