String® Inspiration

Innovative String® storage solutions for every area of your home or workspace.

Living Room Inspiration:

A living room for your way of living. How do you envision your living room? Follow your inspiration, and make it a room of your own. A room that suits you and how you live. With String shelving, you can rethink, remake, replace, or rebuild whenever you like. A String shelf can be turned into a sideboard. Or a place for your TV set. Maybe you’d like to use String shelves to create a wall of storage featuring lots of books and an integrated, foldable table. Alternatively a compact design, tailormade by you to hold your music player and computer.

The String system means you can store things behind doors or put them on display. Mount the Museum NM &.045 anywhere on the wall, like a pedestal, or at coffee-cup-height just beside your sofa. The Museum Sideboard is just as flexible, with adjustable height and lightweight enough to be easily moved around. Have a look at the pictures for ideas.

Bedroom Inspiration:

Peace and harmony should lead your way when furnishing your bedroom. Create the most optimal shelving combination to complete your existing bedroom furniture with. A bedroom is not only a place to rest, but also a place to store your most personal belongings. Imagine all the clothes, shoes and books you keep in your bedroom. And maybe you are just like us and always have fresh flowers on display? And maybe even some of your most cherished artwork? Either way, all your belongings need their own dedicated spot and we have the bedroom inspiration exactly for these kinds of storage problems.

The trick is to find harmony between showcasing a few objects while storing most of your clothes. It is not an easy task, but we put in a lot of effort and think we came up with a few brilliant ideas. We have combinations with wall panels to make cleaning a piece of cake and larger wardrobe combinations with all the storage you could possibly need. Our flexible Scandinavian design adds both modernity and function to any bedroom.

Kids Room Inspiration:

Messy play, minus the mess. Invest in timeless furniture and designs when decorating your kids’ room. With our classic Scandinavian design, we can almost guarantee your String® solution will be the last thing your child will outgrow. As your child is getting older and accumulates more things, you can just continue building out your String combination and add more storage space. By just adding one wall panel or floor panel plus three shelves to your existing shelving solution, you buy yourself a whole lot of storage space.

We always have a lot of fun when creating kids’ room solutions, which we think shines through in the images. The mindset when figuring out the most inspiring kids room solutions is storage, storage and storage. In a kids’ room all books, toys and small items tend to end up on the floor. Even if we cannot prevent that from happening, what we can do is to make room for them in the string shelf. Another aspect of furnishing your kids’ room with String® is the fact that they can bring the shelving solution with them when moving out. A little piece of home to help them settle in when they move out for the first time.

Kitchen Inspiration:

String® is a great sous-chef Regardless of your cooking ambitions, we believe everyone deserve functional kitchen furniture with smart and flexible storage solutions. With kitchen shelves from String you will get all the help you need in the kitchen. We have created lots of kitchen combinations that will not compromise the kitchens aesthetics over the function. You will find lots of inspiring kitchen solutions suitable for a kitchenette or for a full kitchen, and every size in-between.

Choose between shelving combinations consisting of either wall panels or floor panels, or a mix of the two. Our secret when creating shelving solutions for different types of kitchens lays in the smart accessories and the genius folding table. If you have a narrow kitchen, or just do not want to waste space, the folding table will become your best friend. Also add as many rods, hooks, knife holders or hanger racks as you need in order to fit all your kitchen gadgets. With kitchen furniture from String® you will have a design proofed kitchen that at least makes you look like a professional, regardless of your cooking skills.

Bathroom Inspiration:

Warning! This might make you never want to leave the tub. Towels and other bathroom essentials all need their dedicated spot, and we know it can be tricky to find beautiful furniture for the bathroom. But with bathroom shelves from String® you will have no problem maximizing storage and finding a place for all your things while keeping your bathroom modern.

Even the smallest bathroom needs plenty of storage and with a shelving solution consisting of wall panels in plex, mirrored cabinets and one metal shelf you will go a long way. Add accessories such as hooks, organizers and rods to give all those little things a place of their own. String shelving system has all the bathroom inspiration you can imagine.

Hallway Inspiration:

With our broad selection of hallway designs we are convinced there are something for everyone. Even with limited hallway space where you can only fit the tiniest of hallway shelves you will have lots of storage when adding hooks for your bag, rods and coat-hangers for your outerwear and bowl shelves for all the little things like keys, wallet and headphones. No more running around looking for your everyday essentials – String® will keep them all gathered in your hallway wardrobe.

Workspace Inspiration:

When we hear the word workspace, we see a variety of different set-ups. Some of us work out of an office, some from home and some have a mixed setup of the two. Regardless of where your workspace is situated, our Works and String® assortments got you covered with workspace solutions containing everything from electrical height adjustable tables to shelving solutions with a work desk. By adding smart accessories, such as organizers, you can create a workspace with only a few products.
Our Works assortment came to life in order to support and complete what our shelving system already offers in terms of workspace solutions. We have inspiration for the smaller home office to the larger conference room or office pods with sit-stand tables. In our world a workspace is equally important as any other room, if not more important due to the number of hours most of us spend there. We have focused on creating inspiration for all kinds of workspaces where function and design are in equilibrium.

Outdoor Inspiration:

Galvanized String® products for all kinds of weather. Designed and made in Sweden. The iconic String® System took a major leap and made it outside. With galvanized shelves and panels your outdoor shelving system withstands any weather. Even the Scandinavian, often rough, climate does not stand a chance against our Outdoor assortment.

With such tough material you will have a natural place to keep your garden tools, pots and other rough objects. Not only will your outdoor shelves grow even more beautiful with time and end up with an envious patina, they will also make your garden furniture look modern with their Scandinavian design.

Commercial installation:

String is not only found in homes around the world, but also in various workplaces. Below are some of the creative, functional and flexible solutions with String System and Works in focus.