How to String Your String

How to String Your String

We are having so much fun here with our String Furniture modular shelving units, creating some stylish systems to fit our available wall spaces plus interchanging the shelves and cabinetry to discover new ideas and combinations.

For those who are new to String Furniture, this Scandinavian furniture designer has taken the simple modular shelving idea (since 1949!) and raised the standard to an exceptional shelving solution that can be custom fitted to suit your style and storage needs – from compact indoor spaces to expansive garden storage, you can build a String for everything!



While at first glance the range of String parts may seem a vast, the componentry can be easily divided into three simple parts:

  1. Side panels – floor standing or wall hanging
  2. Shelves & cabinets – the fun part!
  3. Hooks – for joining it all together

We supply the hooks with your selected shelves and cabinets so you don’t need to worry about that part. However, what side panels and storage sections you need is really up to you.



String Furniture has made this step really fun and easy too by offering this clever online configurator tool so that you can drag and drop panels, shelves, cabinets and accessories in place to see what your design might look like when finished.

Even better, the tool guides you to the required heights and distances between panels, and then presents the available shelving options based on the spaces you’ve created!

Play with colours, materials and when you’ve achieved your perfect String, email it to yourself and to us for a complete list of parts for your drawing, and we’ll give you a quote including delivery for ordering what you need.



So you’ve got your design and you’re ready to order everything you want yourself.

In our online shop, we’ve divided the String Furniture into the three categories you might want to select from, including:

  1. Side Panels = Floor (3 heights @ 30cm deep), wall (2 heights @ 20 and 30cm deep) or outdoor (85cm heigh x 30cm deep)
  2. Shelves = Metal, Galvanized or Wood
  3. Cabinets & Drawers with a range of doors
  4. Accessories – From wine racks to organizers and more



We’ve also got a stunning selection of ‘Ready to Go’ String Furniture shelving systems which give you a very easy starting point or may be exactly what you need already.

As with all String Furniture, you can still update and upcycle your units to different cabinetry and accessories to suit your changing lifestyle or home storage needs.


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