Bamboo Maintenance

The HOUE Outdoor table range is made using bamboo lamellas (slats). Bamboo is an extremely robust, strong and versatile material but like all natural products it can fade or lighten overtime or, in the right conditions, be susceptible to mould or fungi spores. This is not unusual for a natural oiled product. New Zealand offers the perfect conditions for mould to grow due to its wet warm rainy days, followed closely by dry hot sunny days.

The information below, and the two short instructional videos will explain how to look after your table and how to stay on top of fading or mould.

We have WOCA Danish furniture oil available to buy or you can source an oil from local paint retailers, however if you do please ensure you ask for an oil with anti fungal properties. In addition we can provide WOCA Anti-fungal furniture cleaner, available here.


PROCESS FOR RE OIL:  (download this page) (watch the movie)

Re-oiling your table is extremely easy and quick giving amazing results.

  1. Using a soft brush and water, wipe down your table and allow to dry.
  2. Lightly sand using a 200-240 grit sandpaper, sanding in the same direction as the grain in the bamboo. Wipe clean of any dust.
  3. Apply the oil using a soft bristled or foam brush. First run the brush edge in the gaps between the lamellas. Ensure you have covered this properly. Unlike stain, oil will not leave bubbles or drip lines.
  4. Once the spaces are done you can start on the surface – apply liberally to ensure even coverage and brush in the direction of the grain.
  5. Within 5 – 10 minutes of application use a rag to wipe off the excess oils on each lamella. Usually 3 strokes per lamella will remove enough.
  6. Allow to dry for 30 – 50 minutes.

For daily cleaning, it is recommended you use only hot water, as soapy water dissolves the oil.

Outside the season, store in a dry and ventilated room. Do not cover the bamboo top, as bamboo is a natural material that needs air to avoid fungi and mold spreading into the material.

REMOVING MOULD AND STAINS: (watch the movie)

If mould has appeared on your table during the wet winter months it is quick and easy to remove and restore your table. This may show up as black lines or small blotches in the wood.

  • Wet the bamboo surface, then scrub with a stiff brush using the WOCA anti-fungal wash. This cleans deep into the bamboo and removes grime and mould. We have small tins available that you can order on our website.
  • When the bamboo is dry, use a power sander to sand down the bamboo. Start with a medium-coarse sandpaper 60 – 80 grit, and when any stains or mould marks are removed, change to a fine sandpaper to finish the surface, 200 – 240 grit. Ensure the bamboo is sanded evenly in the direction of the grain. If you do not have a sander we are able to send you one to use. You would just cover the cost of shipping at $20 return with a $50 bond.
  • After cleaning and sanding, it is important that the surface of the bamboo is sealed immediately with oil again. Apply according to instructions above under Process for Re Oil.