Celebrating 90 Years of Skovby

Celebrating 90 Years of Skovby

Skovby wooden furniture really is the measure of true craftsmanship as is evident in the fact that this year this business is celebrating its 90yrs anniversary. History and longevity like this is testament to the outstanding quality and timeless designs which underpin everything produced by Skovby in Denmark.

Let us introduce you further to this wonderful furniture manufacturing family, celebrating 90yrs in business this year…

Furniture Handcrafted for Nine Decades

For three generations, the passion for wood and good craftmanship has been the driving force of the Danish-owned family business in Eastern Jutland. 

Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. He was a visionary man who was also uncompromising and professionally proud, and from the start produced furniture of the best quality. 

Today, Skovby continues to preserve the traditions surrounding Danish design and good craftmanship, ensuring a skilled workforce in the future by always having young carpenters and upholsters in training. 

Anniversary Edition Wooden Furniture

Marking this impressive milestone, Skovby has launched a series with some of your Skovby favourites in a new colour palette.

It should not come as a surprise that Skovby has a fondness for natural materials, especially wood. Skovby designers find a great source of inspiration in nature and its materials, colours, and effects. Together with a wealth of wood types, the nutmeg colour creates a soothing, warm atmosphere, and a sense of presence in your home – all qualities known from nature itself.

Representing a more raw and wild side of nature, Skovby has introduced the green colour. At first it may seem a little dark and low-key, but once combined with natural materials such as wood, you will see it unfold in its right element and add a little masculinity and a rebellious contrast to your home. 

Anniversary Edition #825 Chair

This sleek dining chair draws inspiration from the mid-century furniture - but with a light Scandinavian twist. In other words, an instant Skovby icon with a contemporary look and nostalgic feel. Skovby has added this beautiful chair to the anniversary collection in four fantastic colours, and we look forward to bringing this chair to homes in New Zealand too.

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