Getting Ready for Summer!

Getting Ready for Summer!

We are pleased to see the arrival of Spring and excited to announce that everyone’s favourite sun rockers, loungers and recliners are all in stock as well as our ever popular, colourful CLICK chairs.


Planning Ahead

This is a great way to start the new season as our DF Fans and stockists gear up for summer – we’re thinking outdoor dinner parties, lazy afternoons in the sun, backyard drinks and games days with friends. There’s a lot to look forward to we think, and we want to help you plan for the long hot summer ahead.

In one of our earlier blog posts, we talked about Outdoor Living Area Styling Tips starting with that statement piece.  We’ve also given some great tips around Creating Your Café Setting by planning your outdoor space and look to tie in with your look indoors.

Now with a new season ahead we can take a fresh look and maybe give the backyard a little revamp before the silly season begins.


Colour Up

The main feature that people love about our outdoor range is the huge selection of colours available. You can either choose to blend in with the environment or have your furniture or key pieces really stand out – drawing the eye in to a previously dowdy corner or to make a shady spot a little more inviting.

People especially love our CLICK furniture which is named for the UV protected lamellas which simply click into place, allowing us to colour up a chair to suit your style – choose one colour, a full mix or just a pop over colour along the back rest or base.  Why not get creative?!

Choose from 16 different colours!


To Lounge or Not To Lounge

One of the most fun aspects to our range of CLICK sun rockers, loungers and recliners is just the many different ways you can literally lounge in the sun.  Some of these are not immediately obvious until you take a closer look, so let’s run you through these options here:

  • Sunlounger – This has a clever lift and clip action designed into the arm rests so you actually lift the arm rests to then adjust the backrest to be seated upright through to a full laying down position.
  • Sunrocker – There are literally no moving parts to this option, instead you lean backwards to allow the legs to rest on the rear position or tilt forwards to bring the legs to rest on the more upright position.
  • Rocking Chair - Most people like to sit in a rocking chair. Your body will relax in comfort with the gentle rocking movements.
  • Lounge Chair with Footrest – A good option for those who could do without all the movement but instead like to put their feet up when they need, simple and effective.


Give it a Whirl

Of course, the best way to really be sure of your preference is to give it a try yourself first. We have the full range available in our Tauriko, Tauranga, showroom as well as any number of our stockists nationwide.


Give your Bamboo Furniture some Love

We’re all busy people and while we intend to maintain out outdoor furniture as directed, sometimes life just gets in the way. Here’s how to recondition your tabletop if nature has taken it’s toll.


Click here to find your nearest stockist or contact us for further details.

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