MaxWax - Your Extra Layer of Protection

MaxWax - Your Extra Layer of Protection

We have recently discovered MaxWax Furniture Wax which is absolutely awesome on our bamboo table tops and chair arms!

Made from a special blend of liquid waxes, when applied after or with the WOCA Oil (which restores colour and protects your bamboo from mold and spores), MaxWax cleans, shines and protects your wood long-term. You can also use it to protect leather, granite, plastics and metal so it’s handy to keep in your repairs and maintenance tool kit too!

Before sharing our discovery with you, we put MaxWax to the test. We looked at the difference between our bamboo lamellas when nothing is applied, just WOCA Oil is applied and just MaxWax applied as you can see in this photo here…

  • No 1: Nothing applied.
  • No 2: Re-oiled.
  • No 3: No re-oil, Max Wax applied.

We then hosed off the lamellas and saw that the No.3 lamella formed beads of water but did not penetrate the bamboo. However, the MaxWax on its own does not return colour to the bamboo which is where you need to either apply a coating of WOCA Oil first or, as we also found, mix the Houe Oil with the MaxWax to form a single, combined application.

To provide additional waterproofing to HOUE bamboo furniture but make the process as easy as possible, if Max Wax and WOCA oil are mixed in equal amounts, you will get the pigment re-application and antifungal additive from the WOCA oil (in the HOUE bottles) and the waterproofing of the MaxWax without needing to apply two separate applications: one of oil, then of Max Wax.

MaxWax is made from food-grade waxes and is safe to mix with the WOCA oil, but it will need to be thoroughly mixed before applying to apply both consistently.

You can purchase MAX WAX in 250ml bottles or pre-mixed with WOCA Wood Oil from our online store. It’s also available at Bunnings.

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