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HOUE - CLICK Lamellas 10mm & 12mm

SKU 10807-20

CLICK lamellas for CLICK Dining Chairs, Lounge & Rocking Chairs, Sunloungers, Sunrockers and Footrests.

These can be purchased to change the colour of individual lamellas or the complete chair colour. Also, if you've scuffed one or the dog has chewed it, they're easy to replace.


- CLICK Dining Chairs (with Arms, or Tall Back), Position Chairs and CLICK Footrests require 10mm lamellas.
- CLICK - No-Arms and all other CLICK furniture models require 12mm lamellas.

You need the correct size for your CLICK model: The 10mm lamellas will not fit on the 12 mm frame and vice versa.

Multi 1 & Multi 2 lamellas are only available in sets of 30 or 68, and some of the colours used are not individually. (We can't use the multi colours if they're missing any of the individual colours, eg: pink, yellow, apricot, purple from Multi 1.) If you need to replace just a few for a puppy chewing incident etc, please email us. We can supply any number of individual colours from the 14 x standard colour range.

If you wish to purchase lamellas to change the complete chair (or footrest) colour, you'll need:

16 x lamellas for CLICK Footrest

30 x lamellas for CLICK Dining Chairs (with, or without arms)

34 x lamellas for CLICK Dining Chairs - Tall Back

39 x lamellas for CLICK Position Chairs

48 x lamellas for CLICK Rocking Chairs, or Lounge Chairs

68 x lamellas for CLICK Sunlounger & CLICK Sunrocker

Materials: UV protected polypropylene & glass fibre lamellas.

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