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CLIPS Bar Stool

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SKU 12307-1024

CLIPS bar stools are extremely comfortable to sit on, with a perfect seat width to suit everyone. They also offer two different footrest heights, 30 & 34.5cm from the ground. The range comes in 6 great colour options with a powder coated black aluminium frame.

CLIPS is made with intelligently designed polypropylene lamellas (slats) combined with a lightweight powder coated aluminium. The components of the lamella slats are carefully composed to give them exactly the right strength and resilience and are mixed with a UV additive to offer UV protection right through the extrusion. The CLIPS lamellas are shaped to provide excellent cushion-free comfort.

Being aluminium they are less likely to scratch and mark with high volume usage. The powder-coated aluminium frame combined with the polypropylene lamellas make CLIPS completely free of maintenance.

Materials: Black powder-coated aluminium for outdoor use with polypropylene lamellas.

Dimensions: H: 80*W: 53*D/L: 52 cm. Please note: the CLIPS Stools are too high for use at a breakfast bar, as this requires a 65cm high seat.

Designed by: Henrik Pedersen

Product Code: 12307-xx24

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