Why We Love Bamboo

Why We Love Bamboo

So you've been browsing our furniture or been following us for a while and noticed that many of our tables and chairs feature bamboo. Aside from bamboo looking so lush as a wood finish, there are many very good reasons for Houe to include this super material as a key feature their range.

Sustainability First

An important consideration for all manufacturers today is thinking about our planet and conscious consumers - this means looking at the materials we use to make our beautiful furniture range. HOUE’s commitment to manufacture furniture from sustainably sourced materials is behind the selection of sustainably sourced, plantation grown bamboo for our outdoor furniture.

What many people don't realise is that bamboo is actually an incredibly fast growing fast plus it requires no fertiliser and it self-regenerates from its own roots!  The species we use takes just 24hrs for bamboo to grow more than 1m - compare that to the 50yrs it takes for an oak tree to grow.

Creating Air for Our Planet

Another great reason to encourage the production and use of bamboo is because bamboo releases more oxygen than any other plants - actually 35% more than ordinary woods. Bamboo also recycles large amounts of CO2, absorbing 30% CO2 and releasing more than 35% oxygen. So choosing bamboo as material means contributing positively to removing more CO2 from our environment.

Concrete + Steel = Bamboo

In addition to being, a very fast-growing plant, bamboo is a very strong and hard material. Bamboo has the tensile strength of steel and the compressive strength on concrete. It is also very stable and is affected only slightly by humidity.

It is for these reasons that many architects and builders around the world are using more bamboo for home, large buildings, bridges and more!

Bamboo Furniture

Take a browse through our outdoor furniture range and all of the wood you see  from table tops to chair armrests and seats are made from incredibly strong and sustainable bamboo.

We believe the future is brighter when we combine great design with environmental sustainability, and we’re sure you agree.

Don't forget to apply a light application of wood oil each change of season to keep your bamboo furniture looking as great as it did the day you purchased it. Follow our Furniture Care Instructions here.

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